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Kuddle Kids

The family place for loving and learning.

Every child has a spirit that needs love.

About Us

Walk with our family as we raise six birth children and three adopted children.
Share with us our experiences with over fifty foster children we have loved and lost.
Share our tears and fears, exasperation and frustration, love and laughter, peace and joy that each child has brought into our home and our hearts.

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Meet Our Happy Clients

With the help of Kuddle Kids, I realised the beauty of having a family of my own. There are umpteen children who do not have parents to take care of their needs. We also adopted a child and we must say that we definitely feel blessed.

Kuddle Kids Korner

Finding the key that can touch that child’s heart to remind him of his great worth id the challenge of parenting

Our Blog

The Adoption Process


Adopting a child is one of the best things you can do in your life. The process of adoption may seem daunting and hard for many families, and it certainly is not a quick process. The anticipation when you plan to adopt a child can be overwhelming. The below are some of the adoption processes which you can do to adopt a child.

Learn about adoption:

One of the first steps is to compile all the resources about adopting a child and learn everything possible. Every adoption is unique, and you need to figure out how your lifestyle will affect the child you are going to adopt. Before you adopt, you need to ask yourself if you if you want to adopt a baby or an older child. Also, decide if you want to be just foster parents or consider private adoption. Every decision you make now will have a great impact on your child’s life and your life in the future.

Pick an Agency:

Once you have made up your mind, you need to pick the right agency for the adoption. Select an agency which is properly licensed and get an idea about their free structure. Also, ask them all the details about the family and how long it will take for them to get the child. You will not need an attorney at this point of time but make sure that you get all the details about what legal services you will need.

Type of adoption:

There are various types of adoption, and you need to choose which one is the best for you and your family. You have the domestic adoption, International adoption, foster care and embryo adoption. Domestic adoption is when you want to adopt a child who has the same citizenship as you do. International adoption is when you want to adopt a child who is from another country and foster adoption is when a child is placed in a foster home with an expectation that the child will become legally free to be adopted by the parents.

Get an understanding of the costs:

Once you have decided upon the type of adoption, you need to check the cost. Each type of adoption has different costs and depending on the adoption agency, state you live in, state of the birth mother and birth mother’s pregnancy expenses you will be charged.

Discuss with your family:

It is very important to discuss with your family or the people with whom your child will be at the centre of the child’s life. You need to discuss with your partner if he/she is ok with adoption or if you happen to be a single parent then consider talking with your family if they will be playing a major part in your child’s life.

Communicate with birth parents:

It is always good to speak to the birth parents and get things sorted out. It is tough for any mother to carry a child for ten months in her womb and give it up to another person. So try not to be too harsh on them and make sure that you make the birth mother feel confident about you adopting the child.

How to Take Care of a Baby


Children are blessings from above. Babies being tiny and adorable give you the impression that it is an easy job to take care of them. But taking care of newborn babies is one of the thought things to do in life. They are very tender and helpless and entirely dependent on you for everything. The following are some of the tips which will help you to take care of a baby:

Handle the baby with care:

You need to understand that the bones and muscles of the baby are not yet fully developed and thus they cannot withstand a lot of pressure. Be very careful while carrying the baby and you need to understand that the newborn baby will not be able to hold their head and thus you need to hold it while carrying them.

Never shake the baby:

All of us might be excited about the newborn baby and tend to play with it or carry it. In this process, we tend to shake the baby out of excitement and happiness. Shaking the baby will damage its brain and spinal cord and can even cause death. Thus, be very careful and never shake your baby under any circumstances.

Feeding the baby:

Babies often cry when they are hungry and as time goes by you will understand the difference between the cries for hunger and the cries for sleep. As they grow older, they tend to move their hands as an indication to show that they are hungry. Mother’s milk is one of the best things to feed your newborn baby and do not give the newborn babies anything other than mother’s milk or formula as they might choke.

Prepare for the split:

Newborn babies have a weak stomach, and thus they have a hard time in keeping the food there. So be prepared for any split. It might get a little messy, and thus you can keep a small piece of cloth ready to clean up the mess. But if your baby is forcefully spitting and if they are not gaining weight then you might want to visit the doctor.

Burp the baby:

Babies tend to take a lot of air into their stomach while they are eating and thus it will make them feel uncomfortable and cranky. To help them bring out the air, you need to burp them. You can burp the baby by slightly patting on the babies back as this will help in releasing the air.

Keep the baby clean:

You need to know when to change the diaper. Check the diaper for every two hours and change it whenever it gets soiled. Do not leave your baby in a dirty diaper for a long time as it will cause health problems and leave the baby with a rash. As babies do not sweat very often like us, adults, you need not bathe them often. Always be near them and never leave them unattended when they are near water.

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