Hide and Seek

Help! Our Preschooler Is Hiding Things!

Our 3-yr-old daughter has recently started hiding things from us, everything from my husband’s wallet to kitchen utensils to food. It’s gotten to the point where whenever we’re missing something, we ask her where it is before we waste time looking for it, and 3 out of 4 times, she comes up with it.

Is she doing this for attention, or what? Please reply!

A fun idea that sounds just a little crazy is to insist on playing hide and seek.
Tell her that you know how much fun she has hiding things
and you like her to have fun.

You have picked out three things for her to hide today.
She has all day to find them.
Make a big deal out of looking and finding.
You may even want to do this twice a day in the beginning.

At first it will be fun, then it will get boring,
and after a week or so
“No more hide and seek”.

The advantages are:
You pick the things that will be hidden.
This eliminates the frustration of missing keys, etc.
The child has fun playing hide and seek.
There is pleasant interaction between parent and child
It meets the needs of the child–She gets the attention she desires